Monday, September 12, 2011

Turn Your Instagram Photos into Cool Products

Taking pictures from daily life is not a unique thing, but being able to easily share them with the rest of the world is. Instagram iPhone app is one of the most addictive photography apps, it turns your simple photos into amazing shots and allows you to share them with the world, all in a matter of seconds. If you're as addicted to Instagram as I am, you'll love the following services that allow you to turn your digital photos into actual products. Each service has Instagram integrated to it, so you can very easily login to your account and pull your photos and turn them into different things.

TeenyTile is a very fun full and amazing application that allows you to turn your Instagram photos into a 2x2 inches tile. The use of these tiles is diverse because these tiles can then be easily used in making fancy mini photo mural or you can make an attractive looking jewelry out of your favorite moment. By adding a magnet strip to the teenytile, you can easily convert this tile in to a magnet. The use of teenytile is only limited to your imagination because with a ceramic tile of this size, there can be a number of ways to put to the use. Buy it here ($3.99 per tile)

Another Instagram supported service is Artflakes. The simple purpose of Artflakes is that it allows you to turn your pictures in to a 4x4 inches sticker. Artflakes can easily access your Instagram account and you can upload the pictures that you wish to have in a sticker format. The pictures taken by modern day camera and smart phones are of good quality, but still, this quality is not good enough to turning this picture into a poster. Therefore, turning the picture into a sticker for your laptop, bag, locker, or any place else is the best way to benefit from this amazing new method of having your pictures in a hard copy. Buy it here ($20 to $62.86)

Printsgram is a social printing service that allows you to convert your digital files and images in to real life touchable objects. The social printing services helps people by providing a printable PDF file created from your Instagram pictures. Printsgram creates PDF files on internationally standard paper sizes such as A3, A4, A1 etc, which allows you to easily get a print from your computer or get a larger printer from a store.  This service links to your Instagram account and allows you to choose files with a drag and drop feature. The selected image files can then easily be converted and printed out. The most amazing thing about Printsgram is that it is one of those services that can really help you to have a lot of fun. Get it here (free for a limited time!)

Instamaker is a unique and amazing service for Instagram users. This service allows Instagram users to turn their Instagram photos into anything they want. You can easily access this service by logging in with your Instagram ID, easily drag, and drop the pictures that you want to be printed in or on a shape or some sort. This service allows you to print your favorite images on your coffee mug, t-shirts, apparels, and many more items as well. This service is something that can also help you to make unique gifts for your loved ones. However, make sure that Instagram has all the pictures before you try to upload them on Instamaker. Otherwise, the process will not complete and you will not be able to order your favorite images on your desired objects. Buy it here

Hatchcraft Boo Box
If you want to have your Instagram pictures in a unique and beautiful looking photo frames, then it is best that you opt for Hatchcraft services. This service allows you to instantly browse your Instagram pictures and choose the ones you want to be printed. The unique thing about Hatchcraft is that it delivers all pictures in a bamboo frame, which is also known as Boo Boxes. These bamboo shadow boxes are handcrafted, which means that each order will take some time to deliver, but it's definitely worth the wait. You can also buy blank frames for use with any photos. Buy it here

Keepsy is an interesting application that easily allows you to make a photo album from your Instagram pictures. It requires a few simple steps starting from selecting a theme for your album. Background, fonts, clipart are available for your album so choose whatever you like. Now you can upload your photos from your computer or a social networking or social sharing website. You can simply drag them to one page depending on the time and occasion. This will allow you to gather all pictures from one event. Reorder your pictures by simply dragging and dropping them on the right pages. Moreover, you can easily edit your pages, share it on social networking websites or buy a hard copy of it for yourself and send one to your friend as well. Buy it here

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