Thursday, March 31, 2011


Finding inspiration can come from just about anywhere. Simple and sweet, these lovely cake ideas for any occasion ... 

DDIR Architecture

DDIR Architecture Studio was created in 2003 by the combined inspirations of French-Canadian architect Dominic Dube and Inge Reick, originally from Germany. This firm is based in Bangalore, India and one of their architects, Hillary, emailed us about one of their latest projects. It's the modern and minimalist Rao Residence in Hyderabad. It's perhaps too modern for some folks but a work of art regardless.

Frank Gehry

The 81 year old Canadian-American, Frank Gehry and his practice – Gehry Partners, LLP – rarely shy from delivering truly awe-inspiring buildings, that become instant icons. Their latest offering is the 870 feet tall which is now the tallest residential tower in the Western Hemisphere. Frank Gehry created one of the most breathtakingly original skyscrapers that you may see for some years, if not decades. The elegantly waved, stainless-steel façade looks at times a delicate veil, rippling in the wind, whilst at others a distorted Gotham-esque, surrealist’s wet-dream, as the tower’s unique twists and turns reflect the changing light of the day.

The Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, is no different – as we see in this beautiful set of images from Washington D.C. born photographer, Matthew Carbone. Unmistakably Gehry, the centre is quite literally a vision of twisted genius, with it’s warped façade carried through into a fantastically distorted interior, this is an icon for Vegas that is truly like no other…..

Wing Shya

Wing Shya is a genius when it comes to storytelling through photographs and his new editorial for Flair Italy April 2011 is so hauntingly beautiful. Photographed at the Ancient City of Xitang, Du Juan seems lost in thought exploring every area of this beautiful city.

Samantha Robinson Ceramics

Beautiful Samantha Robinson Ceramics ... Ice-cream latte cups, tasting plates and watermelon bowls in all 3 sizes - small, medium and the super duper, fabulous extra large size.
Loving these beautiful illuminators, perfect as vases, candle vessels or even for utensils in the kitchen, such absolutely beautiful colors too. See them all here

Glamorous Earthy

It is interesting how opposite we consider wood and gold, one very glamorous the other very earthy and unassuming, when they both come to us straight from nature. But it is true, and when combined they balance each other out wonderfully and give a sense of casual, natural glamour. I inevitably start craving adornments that look plucked from the outdoors in springtime, so of course, I want to add a bit of gilded wood to every room, and fill my jewelry box too!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Egg Dyeing App

Hello Egg Dyeing 101 App, we're so happy to meet you. This App hands down a complete paradise for a person who loves to dye eggs.
It includes egg basics, techniques, instructions, gives resources, and even video clips that show you cool things like how to blow out an egg. This app puts many of those great Easter Egg ideas right in the palm of your hand. Your choice  to marbleize, mask with lace, make creatures and more! This app costs only $0.99 and you can find it in the app store right here.

True ...

Comme Ca

Comme Ca restaurant is designed by Chris Barrett.  I am totally in love with the Parisian inspired ambiance.  The minimalist colors create the perfect backdrop and the array of textures work together seamlessly.
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