Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Do You Know Miranda Skoczek ?

Australian artist Miranda Skoczek investigates the history of visual culture and image making with her canvasses that feature a 'remix' and sampling of traditional decorative iconography that has existed throughout the ages. Skoczek creates artworks of luxury and ornamentation with fantastical flora and fauna motifs. The codes and symbols the artist employs are highly personal but yet remain an accessible language to others. Her opulent works celebrate an eternal beauty and goodness in image making.

The multiplicity of elements are harmonized in the built up canvasses, giving them a sense of history - in a sense they record the journey of the artist searching for beauty. Miranda's work is colorful, complex, imaginative and an utterly delightful play on global influences.

Skoczek has exhibited widely in Australia since graduating from her Fine Arts degree in 2004. Her latest collection is at the Edwina Corlette Gallery.

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