Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Once upon a Storytime

A magical online boutique, StoryTime . Little illustrations can be found throughout the site and you feel the personal touch. 

The story behind it :
Once upon a Storytime...there was a little girl who liked to always be read before going to bed. No matter how naughty she was, whenever a book was read to her, she was immediately drawn into the imaginary wonderland of the story. "Storytime!"-- she would beg her mother before going to bed....and this became a precious and calming ritual for the two at the end of the day. Little did the girl know that she had inspired her mother to name the online boutique that she was going to open tell the story of the talented designers of the world to her customers....
Storytime is a magical online boutique for children offering elegantly crafted and hard-to-find pieces that have been carefully selected for quality and character. Open a world of imagination to your little star and discover the treasure that awaits you at Whether it’s journeying to a faraway land on a magic carpet with their favorite book, or hopping on a carriage ride to fairyland before bed, these are special moments you want to share with the little one in your life. Storytime will be a part of these special moments with style and sophistication.
Wow them with subtle beauty and attention to detail. Give a gorgeous gift from afar. Create curiosity in their wardrobe. At, you can chart the tale you wish to share with your little star.

via StoryTime

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